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Well ... it all started over 10 years ago with Beware the Haberdash. Marco D'Amico and Lou Susi formed this dynamic duo of ofttimes bizarre musicality. Some local shows and private party appearances, a little Best of Boston award back in the 90s ... and then a bit of silence { other projects in the works }.

Some of the other projects are featured to your left over there ... take a look. Marco formed the band Orfila. Lou formed Clyve. They both now write for Coffee Thirsty and recently put out a retrospective of Beware the Haberdash music called Sewingbox. And recently Marco and Lou, both together and inabsentia, have been making appearances in local coffeehouses, bringing The Haberdash material and other songs with them ...

And so, how does XO fit into all this? Well, XeXeX will be the point of contention, the spot of intersection and reflection, the veritable eye of the storm to find out more about the many projects affiliated with both Marco and Lou ... and the many fantastic talents that they are superfortunate enough to collaborate with ... various CD releases will be issued through CDBaby, Lulu dot com and Cafe Press ... some random and anonymous collaboration in the auditory realm will hopefully blossom through the online community noiseAnonymous. And thence is borne yet another independent recording studio and label ... a rather cozy and unique one at that.

Thanks for reading up ... and enjoy the rest of XO!

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